Name Search Hints

Here are some hints for using the Name Search Form. The purpose of the form is to find all items associated with a particular name. This form is fast and simple to use, but not convenient or powerful. In particular, your search will fail if you don't type the name exactly right.

The form has a text entry field and a "submit" button. You simply type the name you are looking for in the box then click on the button. For instance, you could type "John of Skye" (without the quotes) and click on the "submit" button. This should display the two registrations by John of Skye.

The name search form is case-sensitive, so "john of skye" won't work. Also, the spacing and hyphenation of the name must be exactly right, or the search will fail. If you are at all unsure of the spelling of the name you are looking for, try the Name Pattern Search Form instead.

If you are searching for a name containing accented characters or ligatures, you should use their nearest ASCII equivalents. For instance, to search for Edelgard Erzsébet von Württemberg you should type "Edelgard Erzsebet von Wurttemberg".

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