Armory Description Search Hints

Here are some hints for using the Armory Description Search Form.

The purpose of the form is to find all registered armory that matches a particular description, such as "FIELD DIV.-BENDY:complex line". It is used, for instance, to view a single category from the on-line SCA Ordinary.

Your search will probably fail if you don't type the description exactly right, so until a friendlier interface is available, you should probably access it only through the on-line SCA Ordinary.

The form has a text entry field and a "submit" button. Type the description you are looking for in the box, then click on the button. The armory description search form is case-sensitive.

A description consists of

The heading must always appear first, but the features may appear in any otder after it.

Here are some typical headings:

Here are some typical features:

Here are some examples of reasonable armory descriptions:

You can also find examples of valid descriptions by enabling the "Armory descriptions" option on the Blazon Pattern Search Form and doing a search.

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