Format of the SCA Armorial Database

by Iulstan Sigewealding
9 December 1998
updated by Herveus d'Ormonde
1 December 2018

This document describes the format used to record names and armory in the SCA Armorial Database. The database is actually a flat text file. The text is mostly ASCII, with a few Latin-1 encodings. (Latin-1 is an extension of ASCII and is an international standard. Unfortunately, its 8-bit codes are NOT compatible with the "437" code page normally active on PCs running MS-DOS in the United States.)

The file consists of a copyright notice followed by records.


The copyright notice begins with a line that reads "NOTICE:" and ends with a line that reads "END OF NOTICE." The records begin immediately after the end-of-notice.


Each record occupies a single line in the file, and each line contains one record. A record has at least five fields, separated by stiles ('|'). The five required fields are: name, source, type, text, and notes, in that order.

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